Saturday, December 15, 2007

Dissent when convenient.

After mailing some Christmas gifts today, the gal and I decided to check out the new Applebee’s near Northtown Mall. Upon arriving at the restaurant at about 2:30 pm, we noticed a few guys started to congregate at an intersection across the way. As it turns out, they were lefty protesters. While one guy was holding an American flag, the other two were holding a flag with a peace symbol and an anti-war sign, respectively.

Since we live near that area we figured we could run home quick after lunch and return with a Protest Warrior sign. You know, kind of stir things up a little bit.

We finished lunch about 3:15 and drove by the aforementioned intersection on our way home when we noticed the three guys were gone. What, suddenly 20 degrees and sunny is too unbearable?

A more appropriate slogan for the protesters on this day:

SAY NO TO WAR…..unless it’s too chilly.


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