Thursday, December 13, 2007

No mercy.

It looks to be ugly in NFL action this Sunday. The New England Patriots will be hosting the New York Jets in their first meeting since Jets personnel outed the Pats for using video cameras on the sidelines in their Week 1 meeting.

I don’t think the Pats should be too haughty, though. After all, video taping opponents’ play signals is indefensible, not to mention against NFL rules. No, the Patriots are probably more perturbed at the notion that their 3 Super Bowl victories are now somewhat tarnished in the minds of their detractors.

And they want to make the Jets pay.

The largest margin of victory in NFL history was a 73-0 Chicago Bears win over the Washington Redskins in the 1940 championship game. I can see the Pats maybe attempting to reach that type of winning score.

Here's what I envision:

With 25 seconds to go in the game, Tom Brady throws his 10th touchdown pass of the game giving the Pats a 70-0 lead. On the ensuing kickoff, kicker Stephen Gostkowski shockingly goes with the onside kick and the Pats recover. A couple of plays later, the Patriots move the ball down to the Jets’ 10-yard line with 3 seconds to play. On comes Gostkowski for a 27-yard field goal attempt to give the Pats a tie for the all-time rout.

Snap, good.

Hold, good.

But wait!!! Holder (and backup QB) Matt Cassel catches the Jets off guard. He then tosses the ball to LB Mike Vrabel, who snuck into the end zone behind the Jets wall.


Patriots 77 Jets 0.


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