Thursday, November 30, 2006

This blast from the past was no present.

The other night while driving home I was saying to my wife how I have never felt physically or mentally better in my 37 ½ years on this planet. Of course, I had just completed a day where I ate incredibly healthy, had a good workout at the health club and successfully expanded our business into Rochester. Yes, life was good.

But then reality sunk in a little bit when I received this notice via e-mail:

Announcing the Harding Class of 1987, 20 Year Reunion.

Yes, leave it to my High School classmates to knock me off my high horse. It wasn’t bad enough I went through a tremendous amount of teenage angst while at Harding High, I now have to be reminded that it was over 20 friggin’ years ago!!

The good news is I might be eligible for some of those reunion awards. At our ten-year gig they handed out prizes to the classmates who had the oldest child, youngest child, most children, etc.

If the M.O. is the same, I have a great opportunity to capture the “youngest child” award. After all, the reunion is scheduled to take place on Saturday, September 22. If my math is right, that’s ten months from now.

Wish me luck!

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