Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Guns, Shmuns.

Given the fact this happened less than three miles from my home, this particular story caught my attention:

Anthony J. Parks, 17, was shot once by Gerald Whaley, 73, who police said was within his rights to defend himself against a burglar who appeared in his bedroom doorway about 11 p.m.

Whaley told police he heard voices as someone broke in through a garage door in his two-story home. Investigators don't know why Parks was there and are seeking two acquaintances of his who may have information about that night, said Anoka County Sheriff's Capt. Robert Aldrich. He said it's not clear whether Parks had accomplices or if there was a getaway vehicle.

Yes, I am a firm believer in the second amendment. This incident in Anoka County, while devastating for the young victim’s parents, demonstrates that thieves and robbers should think twice before partaking in such hobbies.

Ah, but “DFL” Don Shelby of WCCO news had his own spin on the Whaley shooting. DFL Don normally likes to show how magnanimous he is when opining in his nightly “In The Know” commentaries.

He certainly didn’t disappoint Tuesday.

I'm not so sure.

Years ago, I was pretty sure what I would do, with a wife and three daughters to protect. I didn't have a gun, but I did store a big league baseball bat within reach.

Here, Donny placates his DFL bobos by eschewing the notion he would ever stoop to owning a gun.

And one night, there was a noise downstairs. I grabbed the bat, and determined to use it to kill the intruder if necessary.

Nice touch! DFL Don conveys to the viewing audience that he indeed is the alpha male in a household full of women.

In the kitchen, I snuck up behind the man, sized up the room for a full swing and I reared back. He turned around just then, and asked me where he was. An old fellow, with Alzheimer's, completely lost, had found his way into my house.

With the money Don saved on not buying a gun, perhaps he could have invested in a better alarm system.

We sat him down on the sofa and my wife, knowing someone would be looking for him, flagged down an older woman frantically driving the street.

The woman gathered him up, saying she was sorry and this kind of thing happens from time to time. I don't blame the Coon Rapids guy for shooting the intruder,…..

Here comes the “BUT” monkey.

….but I keep thinking, if I had a gun that night, that nice lady would be a widow.

The moral of the story? Gently approach someone robbing your home and ask them if they merely took a wrong turn.

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Anonymous said...

Pompus don at work again.
What a hypocrite.
If the intuder in his home would have been armed with a gun intending to do harm,what would he have done then?
He probably would have started spinning the bat to confuse the intruder and then use some kung fu on him.(lol)