Saturday, November 18, 2006

I have a prediction.

I am actually working on a Saturday but I thought I would take a couple of minutes to check Right now, late in the 2nd quarter, the Gophers football team leads Iowa, 20-17. However, if the Gophs lose, they will fall to 5-7 and will not be bowl eligible.


If indeed the Gophers do not defeat Iowa today, perpetual Gopher apologist Star Trib sports columnist Sid Hartman will no doubt refer us to the U of M’s loss to Penn State earlier this season. That was a game where the Gophers were penalized in the overtime period allowing the Nittany Lions to capture a 28-27 win. In the aftermath, Hartman stated in his column that the Big Ten conference issued the University of Minnesota an apology because the pass interference penalty which was called was an officiating error. Come to find out, the Big Ten did no such thing. However, Sidney took the liberty of conveying that lie because the Big Ten does not comment on such matters. Therefore, Sid felt safe that he would not be refuted.

So if the Minnesota Golden Gophers fall one game shy of a bowl bid, Sid Hartman has the built-in excuse of one official taking that prize away. Look for that to be the essence of his column on Sunday.

UPDATE at 2:21 pm: Gophers win, 34-24. However, Sid may still express his dismay on how the Gophers lost an opportunity at a more high-profile bowl game due to the Penn St loss.

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