Saturday, November 04, 2006

The 72-hour push.

Oh, it’s been said many different ways. Whether this election is a referendum against Bush or that conservatives are too disgusted by the Foley scandal to vote GOP, Republicans have been pegged to take a big hit in this year’s mid-term elections.

While the Republicans may ultimately lose their majority, many of their volunteers are not going gently into that good night.

This morning I took the liberty of venturing into a liberal bastion, a/k/a Minnesota Congressional District 5.

Our good friends, Nancy & Tina, were out at 42nd & Winnetka in Crystal waving signs on behalf of candidates Mark Kennedy (US Senate), Alan Fine (US House), Derek Brigham (MN Senate district 45) and Gregg Prest (MN House district 45B).

Nancy left behind a major renovating project at her home to enter the fray. And Tina came out this morning with her two-year old TRIPLETS in tow!

Just two of the many great examples of the 72-hour push being put forth by the MN GOP.

Note: In my video narration I mistakenly referred to Brigham and Prest as running in MN District 49. They are actually running in SD 45 & HD 45B, respectively.


Nancy said...

For you Brad, for coming out and joining us today: "THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERRRVICE!"


Nancy said...

To be fair, we put your mug up at FreedomDogs:

Thanks again for helping out!