Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Debate night in Andover.

The final debate between candidates for Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District took place this evening at Andover High School.

Republican Michele Bachmann, Democrat Patty Wetterling and Independent candidate John Binkowski engaged in, at times, a lively exchange which was moderated by Minnesota Public Radio’s Kerri Miller.

Of course, Bachmann’s faith was a big issue in the debate in light of her recently telling a Brooklyn Park church “God called me to run for the United States Congress."

"Does that mean God wants you to win?" Miller asked.

"No," Bachmann replied. "God calls us to duty... but the results are his."

Later, we in the audience had the opportunity to hear the audio for a TV ad put out by the Democratic Campaign Congressional Committee. It was an ad implying Bachmann is soft on crime.

Who would vote against a bill that would put repeat sex offenders behind bars for life? Michele Bachmann. Against a bill that makes operating meth labs close to children a crime? Michele Bachmann. Against a bill letting police alert parents when dangerous out-of-state sex offenders move to their neighborhood? Michele Bachmann.

Of course, that rhetoric is absurd on its face. Bachmann actually supported a bill which she felt was much tougher on crime as opposed to the bill she voted against, which was weaker and loaded with pork.

"That's not true," Wetterling injected.

"I was there on the floor," Bachmann said. "I read the bill."

While I don’t live in the 6th CD, I am pulling for Bachmann to win!

After this evening’s debate, there is no question in my mind that she is the right person for the job.

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