Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Quick Hits: Volume CXXXIX (Thanksgiving edition)

- You know it must be getting close to Thanksgiving when elitist news/opinion sites start publishing those vapid "How to deal with your (obligatory conservative relative) on Thanksgiving."

This year it was Esquire who drew the short straw, specifically on how to handle your "Trump-supporting drunk uncle" this Turkey Day.

Last year it was the HuffPo and its guide to talking Syrian refugees.

Two years ago the L.A. Times stereotyped the conservative uncle.

Three years ago the Democrat National Committee itself encouraged its supporters to become insufferable douches by lecturing misguided conservative relatives on how wrong they were on climate change, immigration, Obamacare, etc.

Given that we are hosting Thanksgiving at our house, the fetching Mrs. Carlson and I will ensure that any attempts at such rhetoric will be met with a challenge for the pontificating progs to practice what they preach. That is, whatever heaping pile of food he/she has placed upon his/her plate will have to be redistributed equally among the 20+ other guests.

- Another Thanksgiving tradition is NFL games! With that in mind, it was four years ago today when perhaps the most bizarre play occurred in the history of Turkey Day NFL games.

Three words: The Butt Fumble.

 - I know many consider the Thanksgiving episode of WKRP in Cincinnati the gold standard when it comes to sitcoms commemorating the holidays. It has arguably the most memorable one-liner in the genre.

But since Cheers is, in my humble (but accurate) opinion, the finest sitcom in television history, it would stand to reason its 1986 Thanksgiving episode (specifically the epic food fight near the end) is also top notch. As such, a new tradition in my household (thanks to NetFlix) is to indulge in said episode before our Turkey Day meal.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving, all!


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Mr. D said...

I'd also cast a vote for the Bob Newhart Show episode from 1975 in which Bob and the guys are alone in Chicago, get bombed watching the William & Mary game, then forget to cook the turkey and end up ordering Chinese food with hilarious results.