Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Trump takedown(s)

My friend and MN state senator Dave Thompson beautifully conveys everything I've found objectionable about presidential candidate Donald Trump.

For my money, the following perfectly encapsulates why the Trump phenomena is nothing more than a cult of personality.

No other GOP candidate could get by with what Mr. Trump does. Can you imagine if video footage emerged showing Governor John Kasich advocating for a single payer healthcare system? His polling numbers would drop into the statistically insignificant range over night. Sometimes I think Donald Trump could congratulate President Obama for increased food stamp enrollment and his poll numbers amongst Republicans would go up. It is inexplicable to the point of bizarre.

Do yourself a favor and read the whole thing.

Not to be outdone, Scott Ott (he of PJ Media and ScrappleFace) uses both insightful commentary and biting satire to illustrate why he isn't supporting Trump.

And as members of a personality cult are wont to do, they often lash out with ad hominem attacks as opposed to substantively answering criticism.

Ah, but Mr. Ott is perfectly capable of using levity in those situations as well.

Now if only the likes of Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio would mirror such takedowns.


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eric zaetsch said...

Brad - You might, with precinct caucusing around the corner, want to post GOP directed SD 35 info for your readers. I posted on my blog, but favoring the DFL side (where I caucus). With Trump being a non-establishment candidate one may anticipate new caucus attendee interest, with the potential of making the "GOP big tent" larger and more accepting. Your posting info might assist new blood entry. The Cruz and Rubio people being establishment, Tea time or otherwise, likely will already be primed and ready.