Monday, February 22, 2016

Stranger than fiction

What makes satire most humorous is when there is a grain of truth to it.

Case in point: Back in April of last year, Bruce Jenner, the renown male decathlete who dominated the 1976 Olympics, was the subject of an in depth interview on ABC. The buildup of this TV event was rumored to be Jenner making it official that he was undergoing a significant "transformation."

Upon the conclusion of said interview, I posted the following to Facebook:

Obviously I was being tongue-in-cheek here since Jenner's big revelation was that "for all intents and purposes, I am a woman." But in truth, I sensed that evening that more people were shocked by Jenner's political leanings than the fact the most dominate male decathlete of the '70s considered himself a woman. 

Again, the satirical nature of my post definitely had a remnant of truth to it

The I Am Cait star appeared in front of a sold out house of students Wednesday night and U. Penn students didn't hold back in asking important questions.

In response to one student who asked Caitlyn why she doesn't belong to a more liberal political party, the 66-year-old E! star replied (via a local Philadelphia blog), "I have gotten more flack for being a conservative Republican than I have for being trans."

A brave new world.


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