Thursday, February 11, 2016

Living caricature

Is this not the perfect metaphor for the ideology of a certain septuagenarian socialist running for President?

Hillary Clinton is expected to leave New Hampshire with just as many delegates as Bernie Sanders, even after he crushed her in Tuesday’s presidential primary.

Sanders won 15 delegates with his 20-point victory Tuesday while Clinton won nine.

But Clinton came into the contest with the support of six superdelegates, who are state party insiders given the freedom to support any candidate they choose.

Superdelegate support is fluid, though, so some of those delegates now backing Clinton could switch to Sanders before the Democratic National Convention in late July.

But as it stands, the superdelegate support gives Clinton a total of 15 New Hampshire delegates.

National Review's Jim Geraghty summed it up perfectly: "No Party With ‘Superdelegates’ Gets to Lecture Me About Disenfranchisement."


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