Sunday, February 28, 2016

Slouching towards fascism

The indispensable Matt Walsh with yet another post of why a Donald Trump presidency would not make America great again. Quite the opposite in fact.

I hope if you've been paying attention these past few days, you're beginning to understand my position, and why I've been so forceful, consistent, and aggressive in my advocacy of it. Many of you already understood, but certainly there are many others who still need to figure it out.

In just the last couple of days, Donald Trump has promised reprisals against his critics when he's elected president, pledging to "open up" libel laws so that he can punish anyone who writes "negative" or "false" stories about him. He said his critics "will have problems" when he's in power. Remember, Trump claims that EVERY critique of him, no matter how true, is "false," so he is clearly vowing to outlaw all criticism of government. If Obama had said anything even remotely in the neighborhood of this when he was running for president, every conservative in the country would've exploded with rage (justifiably). But Trump said it and it hardly sparked much of a backlash at all.

Then Trump proceeded to retweet a quote from Benito Mussolini, the Fascist dictator, and later admitted that he knew the quote was from Mussolini but decided to distribute it anyway. To be clear, for anyone who isn't versed in recent world history, quoting Mussolini is exactly morally analogous to quoting Hitler. It would be like Trump finding a passage in Mein Kampf and sympathetically reading it at one of his rallies.

Finally, this morning Trump refused to repudiate David Duke and the KKK. Later on Twitter he backpedaled, but when asked on TV if he would denounce the white supremacists who've endorsed him, Trump dodged. He was pressed specifically on denouncing the KKK and he refused. The KKK, people. Donald Trump was reluctant to say, "Yes, obviously I disown the KKK and object to everything they say and do." Initially Trump avoided the question by saying he has to investigate the KKK to figure out if he agrees with them or not.

Now, guys, this was all in the span of just three days. And it should be noted that a great number of his fans cheered him on when he promised to censor speech and defended him when he quoted Mussolini and refused to criticize white supremacy. I said last week that the scariest thing about Trump is that he's running as a tyrant, unabashedly so, and his fans want him BECAUSE of it. His fans are explicitly asking for Trump to rule as an emperor. They don't desire freedom or liberty anymore, and they don't give a damn about the Constitution. What they want is a political Strongman who will "restore America's greatness" through brute and oppressive force.

I should remind you, historically, this plan has never worked out well for the common man. Just ask the folks who lived under Trump's mentor in fascist Italy.

We are watching our nation march headlong into tyranny and despotism, and the cattle following along are quite aware of, and enthusiastic about, where the cattle train is going. While Trump will not repudiate white supremacy, his fans have indeed repudiated freedom and independence, and are desperately asking their Great Master to subjugate them for the good of the country.

It's madness and it must be stopped. If you can't see that now, you never will -- until it's too late.

What's sad is some Trump-kins don't even dispute the fact the guy's emanating fascist rhetoric. As long as he's enacting the proverbial burning down of the  Republican "establishment," it's all good.


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