Sunday, March 01, 2009

Uh Oh!!!

If you asked me which player I believe the Twins could least afford to lose, I would have said closer Joe Nathan.


Nathan withdrew form the World Baseball Classic because of a sore AC Joint, the team's official web site reports. He said his shoulder was sore during the offseason. "It's always kind of uncomfortable coming back and starting to throw. But when I got here and started doing everyday stuff, it kind of flared it up a bit. The good thing is I was able to go in and tell them early and it didn't get too serious," he said.

Neither the Twins front office brass nor manager Ron Gardenhire seemed panicked by the situation.

In fact, the Twins organization as a whole hasn't been this unconcerned about an injury since 1996 when Kirby Puckett woke up one morning complaining of a lack of vision in his right eye.


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