Wednesday, March 04, 2009

If I didn't hear it....

.....I wouldn't believe it existed.

Tonight I was watching a replay of the 1998 Packers-49ers wild card playoff on NFL Network. You'll recall this was the game won by San Francisco 30-27 when WR Terrell Owens caught a 25-yard touchdown pass with three seconds left. The big play occurred shortly after Green Bay got hosed on a non-call of a Jerry Rice fumble.

But I digress.

No, what really grabbed my attention was the fact John Madden was in the broadcast booth. Now if you've ever watched a Packers game from 1992-2007, you realized that Madden was to Brett Favre what Chris Matthews is to President Barack Obama. In fact, the phrase "man crush" may have originated with Madden's incessant fawning over Favre.

With about six minutes left and his team trailing 23-20, Favre threw an absolutely awful pass that was intercepted by the 49ers' Darnell Walker. Madden actually said "that was a lousy pass by Favre." That is the equivalent of Matthews saying Obama's economic policies are misguided: It would be the truth but you would be shocked at the source of such candor.


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Mark Heuring said...

It was a lousy pass. I remember it well. But not as lousy as the non-call you reference. Wouldn't have mattered, because that Packers team wasn't good enough to go any further, but it denied us a clean sweep of the 49ers in playoff games.

Funny post, Brad.