Sunday, March 08, 2009

MOB: Then and Now

When I began this blog back in October 2004, I had no clue what I was in for. I had always wanted to be a sports commentator, so I figured this would be a venue where I could share my insights, opinions, etc. I had no delusions of having a lot of readers who would be awestruck by my dissertations. Rather I looked at this as an opportunity to record my instant reaction to something as opposed to carefully crafting a "letter to the editor."

So when my wife and I attended our first Minnesota Organization of Bloggers soiree in January 2005, my blogging career consisted of two posts in a three-month span. Of the two hours we were at that party, we talked to maybe 4 or 5 people.

That said, I would have never believed in my wildest imagination that 4-plus years later I would still have this blog going and have scores of friendships/acquaintances as a result. And many of those relationships were rekindled Saturday evening at the MOB gathering at Keegan's Irish Pub in Minneapolis. I hesitate to name everyone I had the pleasure of speaking to because I would inevitably leave someone out. Besides, you can check out recaps of the party from Mitch and Nancy of True North.

Yes, this latest MOB gathering was yet another reminder that I have gotten way more out of this humble little site than I have ever put into it!



W.B. Picklesworth said...

The problem is that you can never talk to everyone! I'd love to get to know more people and to know the people I know better (yikes, what a sentence!), but it's tough in such a sea of wonderful humanity. Well, I was glad to see you and your lovely wife and we should catch a ballgame when the Twins get rollin' along. Have your people contact my people. :)

Mark Heuring said...

What Picklesworth said. And Stinger and I probably didn't help poor Picklesworth by keeping him pinned in the corner.


The Gal said...

Ball Game!!

Brad Carlson said...

we should catch a ballgame when the Twins get rollin' along.

What an awesome idea, W.B.!!!! In fact, I have prime seats for the Brewers-Twins game on Saturday, May 23. Think you and your dearest can make it?

W.B. Picklesworth said...

Smart ass.

Brad Carlson said...

Hey, you at least have to give me props for knowing the significance of that date!!