Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The man's got Faith!

I guess I can tell this story now.

A little over a year ago, I was tagged with one of those pesky memes. When asked to pass it on to three others, one person I mentioned was “that gal who calls herself the Mall Diva”. In parentheses I then asked “What’s her real name, Ben?”

A few hours later, I received an e-mail from the guy named Ben politely asking me to remove the inquiry. His concern was that some unwanted rumors might start about he and MD being a couple. Not wanting to alienate one of my few regular commenters, I was more than happy to oblige Ben’s request. Now I must confess I had no idea the depth of their relationship. I just knew that Ben was a friend of the Mall Diva’s family and thus I was merely curious of her real first name.

Anyhow, MD did indeed take me up on the meme request. So when it came to the question of ”Unknown fact about Me”, she replied “I've got a boyfriend....don't tell my dad (or Kevin!).” It was then that I put it all together!! It was as if I was let in on some sort of secret, even if Mall Diva cued me in unwittingly.

So at the end of ’07, Ben and Mall DivaFaith let everyone in on the secret. They had begun a courtship.

And now they’re officially engaged to be married!!

Congrats, Ben & Faith! May God continue to bless you on what is bound to be a joyful existence together!



Uncle Ben said...

Boy, we've taken this whole new step and I can hardly believe it! I can't wait!

Thanks Brad!

Mall Diva said...

Yeah, thank you very much! What a cute little story that made! :)