Friday, July 18, 2008

Heartland tour.

Blogging has been lite lately due to my traveling for work this week.

I left my office Wednesday afternoon to travel to our facility in Aberdeen, SD. I worked there until Noon on Thursday then traveled 1 ½ hours south to our facility in Huron. My work was complete by 4:30 and thus it was time to hit the road again. I had a six hour drive ahead of me to our plant in Fairmont, NE. In that particular leg of my travels, I passed through the hometowns of Tom Brokaw (Yankton, SD) and Johnny Carson (Norfolk, NE).

I also took photos of an ominous thunderstorm in Northern Nebraska.

I was done with my work in Nebraska by 11:30 this morning and I arrived back home by 7:15 this evening.

And I was excited to see the work being done at the site of our future home!!


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