Monday, July 07, 2008

The Other Side of the Story

July 7, 1998

He was Match # 4 from WLTE. When we talked for the first time on the telephone, I was impressed by his confidence (all you single guys out there…..confidence is attractive. FYI). I was interested in meeting him but very skittish. You see, the first guy I met through the dating service was confident too. His character however, paled in comparison to Brad’s (I would not discover this until much later however). So I was nervous when on the phone with him. Curious and guarded, I agreed to meet him at Chili’s on July 11th.

Any rational person in my position would have given up the dating service after what I had been through. Match # 4 was the last one I was going to meet. Match # 1 is only known now as ‘The Snake’. What a dirt bag. He lied. I cried. It was not pretty. After a month or two of emotional recovery, I decided to throw myself back out into the dating world. After all, it was summer, I was only 27, and I had time for an adventure . So I used the dating service once again to try and meet some interesting people.

Match # 2. This guy was a geologist. One date.

Match # 3. When this guy complained that only ‘tuna boats’ wanted to go out with him, I couldn’t believe my ears. Was he serious? He then proceeded to tell me that his family thought he was too picky. I asked him what he meant by that. He told me he only likes women with feet smaller than a size 7. Stay with me now….it gets better. He then described to me how he sleeps on a different side of his bed each night so that his sheets would be evenly worn. Two dates. I know, he didn’t deserve me after the first one but I felt sorry for him.

At this point I was wondering if using the service was worth the time and trouble. And then I met Brad….

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