Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Golden celebration.

I was remiss in not mentioning the soiree I attended on Saturday. My Aunt Dorothy & Uncle Richard were thrown a 50th wedding anniversary celebration in their hometown in northwest Wisconsin. And they literally had people from all across the continent of North America join in on the festivities.

Uncle Rich has gone on many a fishing trip to Canada over his 71 years on this earth, cultivating many friendships in the process. And while their kids were in school in the 70s & 80s, the family welcomed four Mexican exchange students into their home. And to the surprise of my Aunt & Uncle, three of the four came all the way from Mexico to join in the fun!

While Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Rich are personally two of my favorite relatives, I guess I never realized the impact they’ve had (and continue to have) on the lives of others. The fact they had people come from literally other countries to share in a life milestone is truly a resounding statement of how much they’re loved. I feel truly blessed to have known them and for the example they have set on how to live a selfless existence.

I left NW Wisconsin that day feeling like I have a lot to live up to.


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