Saturday, September 15, 2007

Protesting the kooks.

About 25-30 members of the conservative movement gathered together this afternoon in Saint Paul to counter protest the anti-war activists. Mitch Berg was kind enough to secure a permit for our demonstration at Triangle Park, located just across the street from the St Paul Cathedral where the anti-war crowd was to gather.

As is the M.O. with the anti-war kooks, they will chant the same empty slogans for about a half hour before their marching begins. Their repertoire includes such yawners as “Hey, Hey. Ho, Ho. Bush and Cheney have got to go.” Also, “Money for schools, not for war. HANDS OFF IRAQ!” Of course, they were able to add one to their collection as of August 1st with the catchy “Support bridges, not war!”

All in all, I’d say we got our message across to the hundreds of protesters as they walked by our brigade of signs.

That said, I’ve taken the liberty to post eight short video clips to document what was in our midst on this beautiful Fall afternoon.


Part 1:
I take a trip down “Counter Protest row” to check out the slogans.

Part 2:
Counter protester Jim concocts a knock-off of the Lennon song “Give Peace a Chance”

Part 3:
A gentleman celebrating his God son’s confirmation at the St Paul Cathedral saw our brigade of counter protesters. He decided to join the fray.

Part 4:
The anti-war crowd assembles at the St Paul Cathedral.

Part 5:
Angry protester guy goes off on Leo after he was confronted with facts.

Part 6:
Here they come!! The anti-war crowd begins to march down John Ireland Blvd in St Paul. Our guy Leo was awesome on the megaphone!!

Part 7:
The anti-war kooks take a right turn on to Kellogg Blvd towards the Xcel Center. While marching down Kellogg, a protester stepped in a pothole and sprained her ankle. I imagine it provided inspiration for a new slogan: “Support roads, not war.”

Part 8:
Swiftee encounters vacuous protesters as well as (SURPRISE!!) a congenial one.


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Lassie said...

It's nice to know that our classic line, "THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!" is recorded again for posterity. Thanks for all you did, Brad to help make this event a big success.