Saturday, September 01, 2007

Another day at the Fair: Part 2.

In Volume II of the Northern Alliance Radio Network, a political juggernaut was unveiled!!

Of the nearly one hundred conservative blogs featured in the Minnesota Organization of Bloggers, many threw out teasers regarding True North on the date 09-01-07. I was one of a handful of MOB-sters on hand for the official announcement of what True North entails. As many have surmised, it is a conservative blog ( But not just any conservative blog, as Mitch Berg so eloquently points out.

Perhaps you’ve heard; there are 70 million blogs out there. You might be forgiven for asking: “Why another?”

The answer: because it’s needed.

Minnesota is a tough place to be a Republican; it’s tougher still to be a first-principles based, center-right conservative. We face a media and DFL machine that is huge, well-funded, and has insinuated over the past three or four generations into every corner of Minnesota life.

And yet for all of that, we - underfunded, working mostly as volunteers - have twice brought this state to the tipping point, from “purple” to the ragged brink of “red”. In five straight elections, from ‘98 to ‘06, Minnesota’s volunteers took on the paid, plutocrat-propped minions of the DFL on the streets, in the community centers, and finally at the polling places. And except for the national debacle of ‘06, we gave MUCH better than we got. We turned “liberal” Minnesota into a swing state.

NARN co-host Mitch Berg (holding microphone) and other members of the MOB announcing the debut of True North at the State Fair.

There are so many excellent blogs out there in the MOB that it is literally impossible to indulge in just half of them, never mind every single one. What True North looks to accomplish is to bring to one site the “A” game of the best and brightest of Minnesota’s center-right blogs as well as conservative pundits from other media venues.

One year from now, the GOP convention will commence in downtown St. Paul. We’re confident that True North will have made its presence known by the time there’s a nominee in place!!


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