Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Imus suit tossed.

As I wrote about last month, the libel and slander lawsuit brought against former radio shock jock Don Imus shouldn’t see the light of day.

As it turns out, the Rutgers basketball player bringing said lawsuit has herself….ahem….”seen the light”.

Kia Vaughn had contended in the lawsuit filed in August in New York state Supreme Court that the comments made by Imus had damaged her reputation.

The lawsuit also named various media outlets that broadcast Imus' show.

Marti McKenzie, a spokeswoman for Vaughn's attorney, Richard Ancowitz, said in a statement that Vaughn had chosen to focus on her education at New Jersey's Rutgers University as a journalism major and as an athlete with the basketball team.

"Her strong commitments to both have influenced her decision to withdraw the lawsuit at this time," the statement said.

When reacting to Imus’ comments in a news conference last April, players felt Imus had "stolen a moment of pure grace” from their magical run in the NCAA women’s tournament. The Rutgers players also wanted everyone to know that they expressed “great hurt” and there was “sadness” brought to them.

About a week after that news conference was held, the Virginia Tech massacre took place. You think there might have been “great hurt” and “sadness” felt by the loved ones of the victims of the VT shooting? I would have to say that a horrific incident like that certainly put things in perspective.

I certainly hope that perspective occurred to Ms. Vaughn and thus was the prevalent reason for not going forth with such a frivolous lawsuit.


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