Sunday, September 30, 2007

LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Forgive me for the disgusting analogy to follow but it’s the best way I can describe my feelings toward the last full-time job I had.

Trying to completely extricate myself from my former employer has been the equivalent of stepping in dog crap then trying to clean off my shoes only to still have residual feces stuck to the soles.

After being fired placed on “Transition Employment” in mid-July, I was to get two weeks severance once my service was completed. I received my severance payment on August 3. Then much to my surprise I received another paycheck on Friday, August 17. I knew I did not have that money coming so I called both my former boss and the payroll person to inform them of the error. I finally got a call back from the Human Resources guy the following Tuesday telling me he would look into it and get back to me with a resolution. Another whole week went by with still no call back. I decided to call HR again to find out once and for all what they would like me to do with the money. Finally on Thursday, September 6, I get a call from the payroll person telling me they could not reverse the direct deposit transaction and that I would have to write them a check for the amount of the erroneous payment. No problem. I sent it the following day to the attention of the payroll gal. All’s well that end’s well, right?

Not quite.

I have been checking my bank account regularly to find out if that check cleared. After three weeks, they still had not cashed the check I sent. I called the payroll gal again to find out what the delay was. As it turned out, they’re claiming they never received the payment. The payroll gal then asked me to place a stop payment on the check I sent them on September 7 and then reissue a new one.

To summarize:

My former employer sent me money I did not have coming. Being of the utmost integrity, I called to ask them what I can do to rectify their error. They drag their feet for two weeks before coming up with the solution. I comply with their resolution immediately. Now I find out it’s going to cost me $30 (stop payment fee) after going above and beyond the call of duty in my attempts to put this matter to rest.

Let’s see how they react when I deduct that stop payment fee out of what I owe them.


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Christopher T. said...

Something similar happened to me when I quit a job a few years back while living in MN. They sent me two checks, both direct deposit, two weeks apart. I called and inquired about it, my boss told me that he was directed to pay me the extra check as a severance package, even tho I quit. My guess is that they paid me "hush money" in order to not file a complaint about a supervisor at the company. My last day on the job, I had an exit interview with HR, they had no idea of the verbal abuse that had been directed at me by said supervisor, I had gone up the chain of command as is company policy but it never got from the VP I talked to up to HR. Hence, the "severance pay" that was never asked for nor agreed upon. I was tempted to send it back but at the time, the extra check was mighty nice and I didn't want the hassle of filing a complaint against the supervisor.