Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Doogie redux.

To be honest, I don’t make it a habit to watch any local newscasts.

But in a rare lapse, I happened to catch the tail end of FOX 9 news one night last week. Darren “Doogie” Wolfson (of sports radio KFAN fame) was filling in at the Sports desk that particular evening.

Last December, when I first learned Doogie fills in at channel 9 once in a while, I more or less said I didn’t think he would be very good. To be specific, I believe I predicted a proverbial train wreck. A month after making said prediction, Doogie himself sent me an e-mail. I won’t publish what he wrote but let’s just say he didn’t agree with my “Deer in headlights” assessment.

Well Doogie, after witnessing your sportscast last week I now have a different classification: Fish out of water.


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