Thursday, April 26, 2007

Cat Fight!!

Yesterday, I posted a picture of our sleepy cat Cleo atop the fish tank.

Now we have video footage of our other two felines in the midst of a playful tussle (Can you tell we don’t have any kids?).

We've always tried to explain the awful noises emitted by our 16-year old cat (Bathsheba) whenever she is attacked by either of the other two cats in the house. I think the best explanation we came up with is "demon cat from hell" noises.

The only male cat in the house (Macbeth) has earned his status as alpha male cat. His hunting instincts often kick in when he sees either of the female cats slowly walking across the room while he hides underneath a chair.

The following video demonstrates what ensues whenever Bathsheba is "pounced" by Mac the hunter!

1 comment:

Leo Pusateri said...

Gads.. she sounds like a lion!