Monday, April 16, 2007

Packer fans not welcoming Moss with open arms.

Well I guess I misread that one.

After taking gratuitous shots at the Green Bay Packers fans last month, I now realize they may have standards after all.

After several weeks of rumors regarding a trade for Oakland Raiders WR Randy Moss, it appears likely that the Packers aren’t going to pull the trigger. Now it could be that Green Bay is waiting for the possibility of the Raiders to release Moss so they could sign him via free agency. That way they could negotiate a lower salary than what is on his current contract. But if many Packer fans have their way, Moss will not be donning the green and gold any time soon.

From what I hear, the majority of letters and e-mails sent to the Packers front office have been pleading against any possible acquisition of Moss. This is especially amazing when you consider that iconic Packer QB Brett Favre is the one who allegedly endorsed the move from the beginning. Obviously, the Packer backers are not with Favre on this one.

I maintain that if Moss went anywhere, Green Bay might be one of the few places where he could make a positive impact. Since his rookie season with the Vikings, Moss has maintained little to no respect for any opposing player (or teammate for that matter) except one – Brett Favre. So if there’s one QB who could get in Moss’ face if he pulls his “play when I wanna play” garbage, it would be Favre. With Moss being the only big playmaker the Vikings and Raiders had, no quarterback had the guts to stand up to Randy for fear they would alienate him and lose him altogether. As a result, placating the enigmatic Moss became the pass time. But in Green Bay they already have a big time wide receiver in Donald Driver. It would stand to reason that if Moss goes into pout mode for not getting enough passes thrown his way, the Packers will function just fine without his input.

So if Moss indeed becomes a Packer, he should cherish every moment he has to be in the same offensive huddle as Favre. After all, there isn’t a huge demand for a 30-year old head case with a three-year string of injury problems.


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