Friday, February 02, 2007

Super Bowl XLI: The Q & A

Super Bowl Sunday is once again upon us!

Last year, a guy who fancies himself the “Super Bowl Inquisitor” decided to indulge in a Q&A session with yours truly.

Once again, SBI has the questions and I provide the answers.

Q: Your father-in law is a long-time Chicago Bears fan yet you’re rooting for the Indianapolis Colts. Will this cause any strife?
A: Nah. But sending him a box of Kleenex after the Bears lose just might.

Q: What’s your reaction to the fact that it’s a first to have not only one but TWO black head coaches leading their respective teams to the Super Bowl?
A: I’m shocked there’s been no mention of that storyline in the media.

Q: Did you agree with the Cook County judge’s decision to allow Bears DE Tank Johnson to leave the state as he awaits trial on gun possession charges?
A: A guy with an affinity for guns in Miami for a week? Come on, what could possibly happen?

Q: Colts QB Peyton Manning has appeared in TV commercials for such products as Gatorade, MasterCard and Sprint. Any chance people are tired of all that exposure?
A: Hey, let’s all be thankful he didn’t pull a Joe Namath and do an ad for panty hose.

Q: Halftime entertainment: Minnesota’s own Prince. Your thoughts?
A: Finally something that is both Minnesota AND purple in the Super Bowl!

Q: Speaking of Prince, you answered “No” when given a survey of whether or not you’ll watch the Halftime show. Why did you pick “No”?
A: Because “No, I’d rather do a swan dive into a pit with every carnivorous member of the reptile family” was not offered as a choice.

Q: One of your favorite bloggers, Mitch Berg, has been gloating incessantly that his Chicago Bears are going to the big game. Do you have something you want to say to him?
A: The Bears usually lose in the first round. Thus far, they’ve lived to play another week. I would just caution Mitch that an extra two weeks on the bandwagon may cause a few more splinters.

Q: So you’re saying Mitch only follows the Bears when they win?
A: Before the 2005 season, I bet he couldn’t tell you if the Bears head coach was Lovie Smith or Lovey Howell.

Q: Where will you be viewing the big game?
A: For the fourth consecutive year I will be hanging at a good friend’s place in Woodbury.

Q: Which means for the fourth consecutive year you will be mooching someone else’s food, right?
A: Hey, I bring a two liter of Diet Coke every time.

Q: What kind of fine dining will you be enjoying?
A: I have a motto: If it’s green it’s trouble; If it’s fried, make it double!

Q: Last, but not least, the Colts are a 7-point pick to beat the Bears. Your prediction?
A: It looks like another commercial for Peyton Manning, which will be five words long: “I’M GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!”

Colts 31 Bears 21


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Douglas said...

There are equal opposing forces; the Bears on the cover of Sports Illustrated, and Dungy's remark that the Lord wanted them to win. Just once, I want to hear a player or coach say "In the greater scheme of things, I think God is really more interested in our character development than how the game turns out..."