Sunday, February 25, 2007

Praise report!!

In previous posts I have made, I have alluded to my father-in law’s battle with cancer. However, I don’t believe I have divulged exactly what he has been through. About six years ago he was diagnosed with chronic leukemia. Thankfully, it’s not immediately fatal and can be treated through aggressive chemotherapy. Then a few years later he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. And to top it all off it was discovered that the moles on the top of his head were malignant. Between all of the doctor visits and chemo treatments for the vast array of cancers, the only mystery seemed to be which would first claim the life of this 77-year old man.

This past week I am happy to report that Dad’s prostate cancer has recessed. The concern is that it may return within a few years but we’re ecstatic it has at least “slowed down.” But the better news is that the chemo for his leukemia has been successful and that the cancer is in remission!!

Praise the Lord!!

One of the things my wife has done to entice her Dad to continue fighting the cancer(s) is telling him that he has to live to see his granddaughter. My sister-in law has two sons and is done having kids. And since my wife is the only other offspring, I guess the onus is with us.

As always, I’ll keep you posted!


hammerswing75 said...

That is wonderful news! May he keep fighting until and beyond the point where he has that granddaughter. I suppose this means that you'd better kick that cold and get busy. ;)

Leo Pusateri said...