Sunday, February 18, 2007

Lucky Seven.

Certainly you’ve heard the expression “Lucky Seven”, implying many good fortunes coming in relation to the number 7.

Not surprisingly, many engaged couples are looking to this coming July to begin their new lives together.

Lois Fritz can't remember this much ado about "I do."

On the first Saturday in July, a month that's never a top choice for Minnesota marriages, Fritz, co-owner of the Wedding Shoppe in St. Paul, will hit the jackpot: She has nearly 80 weddings -- twice her normal number. "There's a lot of excitement about it," she said.

That's because that Saturday is July 7. As in 07/07/07, what some might consider the luckiest date in the century.

Well, July 7 in 2007 may be considered lucky. But July 7 any other year?

Jennifer Johnson, owner of Heartstrings Wedding and Event Planning in Hopkins, got married on 07/07/01. "It was the only date left," she said. "It was, like, 95 degrees in the church with no air conditioning. My husband wanted to kill me."

My wife and I were married the year before, on 7/7/2000. It was a Friday evening, which meant the weather was somewhat tolerable. However, the day time was a different matter. We had tornadoes touch down all over the Twin Cities and Western Wisconsin as well as severe hail in most other areas. My cousin Dawn, on her way home from work earlier that evening, had the right passenger window of her car get shattered due to the winds and hail. We also had a handful of other guests who did not even attend due to damage sustained to their homes and vehicles.

So if 07/07/07 is a lucky date to get married, it seems like the perfect anniversary date for my wife and me. You see, on 07/07/07 we will be celebrating 7 years of marriage.

And if that’s not lucky enough, we also got married in the evening…at 7:00!


hammerswing75 said...

Did you do any of that on purpose? or was it just coincidence?

Brad Carlson said...

Total coincidence. We initially planned on getting married on Saturday, July 8. However, since we had so many out of town relatives we felt it best to have the wedding on a Friday evening. That way they could get back home before the weekend was up. The 7:00 part was to ensure that local guests had enough time to get off work, change and get to the ceremony.

That's probably A LOT more than you wanted to know.

Oh, and we were also very fortunate we didn't choose a Saturday afternoon wedding. It was 95 degress with about 100% humidity on the 8th.

hammerswing75 said...

Nope, that was a perfectly concise explanation. Somehow I doubted that you had done it on purpose, but it made me curious.