Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Back amongst the living!

Well, I recovered from my illness in time to arrive for my first day at the new job Monday. Things went pretty well so I plan on returning Tuesday.

One of my first major assignments will be to travel to Philadelphia the week of March 12. For some reason, that date rang a bell in my head (either that, or it was the Nyquil hangover). Sure enough, my wife’s school is out that week due to Spring Break. We had hoped to take a couple of days off together, maybe even get outta town. I sheepishly broke the news to my wife, thinking she would be hurt. Instead, I got “Oh goodie!! Now I can go ahead and rent the Rug Doctor to finally get the carpets cleaned!” Rather hurt by her adulation of me being gone, I said “What, you’re not going to miss me?” She replied, “Of course I will. But it’s OK. My brother-in law will help me move the furniture.”

I guess I deserved that one. After all, she had to endure me not showering or shaving all weekend.

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