Saturday, September 09, 2006

Taking their ball and going home.

Ever since the Minnesota Twins ended their 46-year relationship with WCCO-AM, senior ’CCO radio shill Star Tribune columnist Sid Hartman and ‘CCO radio hosts have displayed a petulance that would make a 10-year old blush.

From Hartman saying he was visited by the ghost of Eloise Pohlad (Twins owner Carl Pohlad’s late wife) to WCCO mid-day host Jack Rice giving out Twins President Dave St. Peter’s personal office phone number, it has been a pathetic display by the “Good Neighbor.”

With the Twins in the midst of a pennant race, playing division rival Detroit this weekend, you would think ‘CCO would want to send the Twins out with a bang.

But as we learned in the Star Tribune yesterday, the Tigers-Twins game Saturday will be pre-empted in favor of Gopher football. That’s right. A mediocre college program apparently has precedence over the Twins, who are currently a scant ½ game ahead for the AL wildcard spot.

Could this be because the Twins already have a radio deal with KSTP (1500 AM) for 2007?

"It is a very curious programming decision," Twins President Dave St. Peter said. "I'll leave it at that. There is no question in my mind if the Twins had a long-term renewal deal with WCCO where the game would be [broadcast] Saturday night."

I just hope an October World Series game isn’t bumped in favor of a Minnesota Wild exhibition contest.

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