Tuesday, September 12, 2006

In the land of cheese there's plenty of whine.

After being humiliated in their home opener by the Chicago Bears 26-0, the Green Bay Packers are not looking for a quick fix.

Rather, it seems they are issuing a cry for help.

Koren Robinson wasted his second chance with the Minnesota Vikings. The Green Bay Packers are giving him a third, however.

The Packers on Monday agreed to terms with the wide receiver, who was released by the Vikings during training camp after he was arrested following a high-speed chase and charged with drunken driving.

It’s painfully obvious that Robinson is battling the demons of alcoholism. But going to Wisconsin in hopes of resurrecting his NFL career? Isn’t that the equivalent of an obese person relocating to Hershey, PA to find work?

It’s funny how I was ribbed by my Wisconsin relatives when the Vikings acquired, via free agency, former Packers safety Darren Sharper in 2005 and kicker Ryan Longwell this year.

According to my rellies, the Vikings just take players off the Green Bay scrap heap when they sign former Packers. However, the Pack has no problem taking on a former Viking who is a two-time offender of the NFL’s substance abuse policy.

The irony is as thick as the foam cheeseheads donned by Packer backers.

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