Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Kap under Cut

The Miami Dolphins, still unsure if starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill will require season-ending surgery on his knee, looked to provide some insurance at the QB position.

Let's just say the Dolphins' choice was not a hit with Social Justice Warriors.

The Miami Dolphins took some heat over the weekend after they announced they were signing a seasoned quarterback to replace their injured starter instead of controversial QB Colin Kaepernick.

The Miami football franchise announced Sunday they had signed 34-year-old Jay Cutler to a one-year contract to replace injured franchise quarterback Ryan Tannehill. The move forced Cutler to come out of retirement and forego a position at Fox Sports as a game analyst.

Now if you're an NFL fan, you could argue this move makes sense from a football standpoint (and since the goal is to, y'know, win games, what other measuring stick is there?). Miami head coach Adam Gase was Cutler's offensive coordinator when the two were with the Chicago Bears in 2015. That 2015 campaign turned out to be one of Cutler's best statistical seasons in his 8-year tenure with the Bears. And since the 2017 NFL regular season is about a month away, it would behoove the Dolphins organization to bring in a QB who could fit in almost immediately under Gase's system.

Ah, but SJWs really aren't interested in logic.

Many Kaepernick supporters have accused the NFL of “blackballing” Kaepernick or punishing him for his protest. So when the Dolphins announced Sunday they had signed Cutler over the free agent Kaepernick, charges of racism quickly hit social media.

Truth be told, I was kinda hoping the Dolphins would sign Kaepernick. I would have loved to see Kap try to explain his pro-Fidel Castro sentiments to Cuban exiles who currently reside in the Miami neighborhood of Little Havana. That would have been a ready made pay-per-view event.



Mr. D said...

You're right, Brad. Having Kaep explain his love of Castro to Miamians would be real entertainment.

Bike Bubba said...

Sad to say, I'm thinking "Kevlar" would be in order for Kaepernick if he tried.