Saturday, May 13, 2017

Mystery solved?

Upon Sergio Garcia winning his first major PGA title (The Masters on April 9), I hopped on Twitter to see if he had an account. Since Garcia had so many close calls in majors before (four 2nd place finishes and one 3rd place finish in his 18-years as a pro) as well as some high profile meltdowns in majors and non-majors, I wanted to congratulate him for finally exorcising his proverbial demons.

When I located his Twitter account, I was greeted with this:

I admit I was never much of a Garcia fan given that he always seemed a little too arrogant for someone who accomplished so little. But still, what could I have possibly said via Twitter to elicit such a reaction? 

While scrolling my TimeHop app recently, I came across some Tweets I composed after my favorite golfer, Tiger Woods, won the 2013 Players Championship. That particular tourney saw Garcia tied with Woods for the lead in the final round with two holes to play. However, in one of his more epic collapses, Garcia hit three balls in the water over the final two holes and ended up tied for eighth. 

Here is what I wrote in reaction to that final round of play:

So do ya think it's possible that's what prompted Garcia to block me? I can't believe those were the worst tweets to fill up his Twitter mentions that evening. Oh well, despite my being a big time Sergio detractor, I have no trouble giving him props for his impressive Masters win last month. 


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