Thursday, August 24, 2017

To the "Punch a Nazi" advocates....

I am addressing this post specifically to those who passionately advocate for "PUNCHING A NAZI!!"

If I understand your rationale correctly, it is perfectly acceptable to use violence towards someone who holds vile, morally repugnant beliefs (i.e.white supremacists, "alt right," "neo nazis," etc.). I will certainly agree with you that those factions who believe groups of people are substandard because of race/ethnicity are despicable folks who need to be de-legitimized without conditions. But given these white supremacists don't have anywhere near the ability to actually eradicate certain groups of people (like, y'know, actual Nazis did), is it still A-OK to punch them solely for conveying disgusting beliefs? Serious question here.

I say all this because if your only standard for it being acceptable to punch people is that you believe they hold a reprehensible worldview, then you're setting a very dangerous precedent. For example, what's to prevent, say, pro life advocates who staunchly oppose the actual killing of human lives via infanticide from utilizing the same rationale? I'm talking about some (not all but some) pro lifers who so abhor the ghastly procedure of abortion that they would feel justified in resorting to violence to prevent more abortions from taking place. Now let me say loud and clear: if an abortion doctor were assaulted because of what he/she does for a living, I would condemn such violence full stop. But if you're one to advocate for punching a "nazi" then you have no moral authority to decry similar tactics used against someone else who is considered to have an objectionable viewpoint.

Think on this a while.


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