Friday, September 30, 2016

The silly season continues

Let's get this out front: I am appalled that presidential candidate Donald Trump chided a Miss Universe contestant for being too heavy. Yes, I understand that their bodies are judged. And yes, I get that this Alicia Machado is an unsavory character. But it ends up feeding into the narrative that Trump wages a "war on women," thus putting this story line on par with the Sandra Fluke debacle in 2012

So for those who are going to blame the media for continuing this drum beat, keep in mind that Trump himself can nip this in the bud. When asked about allegedly referring to Machado as "Miss Piggy," he can resist drudging up Bill Clinton's dalliances and instead pivot to substantive issues. He could retort with "Well, is that really critical compared to President Obama using a pseudonym while communicating with then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on her private email server? What's the explanation for that?" Better yet, he could inquire with "Say, has Mrs. Clinton been asked about repealing the Hyde amendment, thus allowing some abortions to be funded by taxpayers?" Trump could even broach the subject of Clinton's massive tax increase plan. Bringing forth any one of those salient issues would shine a light on the absurdity of the constant Machado inquiries.

Make no mistake. The media is definitely in the bag for Clinton. But the narrative of Trump not having the temperament to be President of the United States is only reinforced when he himself sends out bizarre tweets being in the wee hours of the morning

"Hot mess" doesn't even begin to describe this campaign. 


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Terry Scanlon said...

No shortage of ammunition in this battle.