Friday, September 16, 2016

FAQs: Volume II

Whether it's via social media, email, blog comments, get-togethers with friends, etc., I've recently received some variation of the following inquiries.

Q: How are your two new kitties?
A: Great! They're quite rowdy but also take plenty of time to nap (and eat. And nap some more). One of them, however, has a penchant for biting me on the arm at 5:00 A.M. to let me know he's ready for breakfast. Other than that, I think we'll keep 'em.

Q: I see you go to Anytime Fitness frequently in addition to participating in a number of 5K races. When are we going to start seeing results of all that physical activity? 
A: Ouch! But to answer your question, results would be expeditious were I not so enamored with junk food. I look at it this way. If I didn't work out regularly, I might be tipping the scales at 240 or so.

Q: So are you gonna vote for Trump?
A: I'm still at my post primary position, which is I will abstain from a vote for President and only cast votes for state and local races. Let's just say there's a nonzero chance I'll vote for Trump.

Q: How do you think the Vikings will do this season? 
A: Barring any additional major injuries to key players, I say 10-11 wins, which will be good for a wildcard berth. They may win one playoff game. We'll see.

Q: Are you finally working again?
A: Yep. After a four-month hiatus, I have been working as a consultant for a local manufacturer since early July. There's a solid chance this particular company will offer me a full time position within the next few weeks!!

Q: Have you ever thought of working in the radio biz full time?
A: You know.......that's not a bad idea. Stay tuned!


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