Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Proud of my home state

It's not often that my home state of Minnesota can be lauded as one which turns away authoritarianism in favor of liberty and common sense. However, Tuesday evening provided a welcome reprieve from the obligatory political oppression we MN conservatives often feel.

In the GOP presidential straw poll, the tyrannical Donald Trump finished a distant third with Marco Rubio winning handily.

Flashback to three years ago: In one of the more disgusting displays of political kickbacks, the MN Democrats voted to allow childcare providers to form unions. The problem was that the vast majority of childcare providers did not want to be unionized since they were independent business owners, not employees. However, only about 25% of licensed daycare workers were eligible to vote in such an election due to that being the percentage of providers who cared for children receiving state subsidies. So of the 2,384 eligible voters, 1,406 ballots were returned. Simple math indicates that if there had been 704 "yes" votes to unionize, that means a paltry 7.4% of MN childcare providers would have decided the fate of all providers.

Ah, but common sense prevailed!

Minnesota child-care providers have overwhelmingly voted against unionizing, likely ending a debate that has been emotionally charged and politically divisive for a decade.

The fight pitted some child-care workers against others and sharply divided legislators along party lines when they passed a law in 2013 that would allow the vote to unionize.

By the time the votes were tallied Tuesday, the lopsided results dealt a decisive loss to labor: 1,014 "no" votes to 392 who favored unionization.

Yes, for one day anyways, my home state was a beacon of light for freedom and liberty. I know I sure embraced it!


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eric zaetsch said...

Yes, Marco Rubio can now say he has captured a plurality in at least one state, while in general the Trump insurgency rolls on. In Minnesota and Colorado, unlike the deep South, the Sanders insurgency has been respected, by caucus attendees. Correct me if wrong, but the precinct caucus results, GOP side, are binding on proportional allocation of delegate counts to the final national convention, but not so on the DFL side, so that Rubio delegates are assured while further Senate District and State DFL conventions could undercut Sanders. If you know that answer, and have links, a follow-up comment would be enlightening.