Wednesday, March 23, 2016

And the band played on....

The fact scores of people were killed or injured in the horrific terrorist attack in Brussels, Belgium on Tuesday is a tragedy in and of itself. But the response to the attack (for which ISIS has, unsurprisingly, claimed responsibility) by President Obama and some of his media lapdogs (Chris Matthews being a notable exception) give a vibe that he continues to be disengaged from this persistent threat

A day after posing in front of a sculpture of Che Guevara and declaring America engages in its own version of human rights abuses (saying this in Cuba, no less), Obama chose to take in an exhibition baseball game between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Cuban National Team. Ah, but Obama didn't totally dismiss the tragedy in Belgium. He took the time to make a statement to the hard-hitting journalists at ESPN (not sure if this was before or after he did "the wave"). Obama also used the opportunity to offer "thoughts and prayers" to the people affected by this attack. I guess that's an appropriate gesture given they weren't killed by an American with a firearm.

But hey, I shouldn't be too critical of the President. After all, the newsworthiness of this historic trip to Cuba was suddenly usurped by the terror attack in Belgium. As such, Obama is the real victim here, right?

Yeah, poor him.

Perhaps the most disturbing statement came from an unnamed Belgian official.

Fortunately the situation doesn't appear to be as dire here in America. However, it's painfully obvious that ISIS will persist, which means they aim to carry out similar attacks in this country. I hope and pray that whomever is the next President will exercise the eternal vigilance needed to thwart this "nuisance."


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