Saturday, March 19, 2016


Between my blogging and uses of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, people can glean a lot of information about me. As such, my readers/friends/followers will often inquire about certain things I post.

So here is a list of some of the Frequently Asked Questions I receive when out and about.

Q: What's with you and all these pictures with beauty queens?
A: This has been the most popular question asked of me over the past several months. Around 2013, about 18 months after starting my weekly radio show on AM 1280 The Patriot, I became the radio station's official media contact for the Miss Minnesota organization (No idea how I was assigned that role. I'm not complaining, mind you). The folks at MM wanted their contestants to hone their media skills, so they figured why not have the young ladies talk to an audience (i.e. politicos) who typically aren't exposed to such personalities. I agreed to interview these young ladies and found them all to be absolutely delightful. Through my communications role, I also got know many of the officials within the Miss Minnesota organization, many of whom I now consider friends. And because I became such an avid supporter/promoter of the organization, I was asked to be the official emcee of the annual Miss Minnesota Scholarship Pageant, so I now feel like it's an extended family. And who objects to "family" photos?

Q: I see on your Facebook page that you check in often to Anytime Fitness. Do they pay for that publicity?
A: They do not. But I'm in media, so I am always open to new advertisers.

Q: Why do you call your wife "The Fetching Mrs Carlson?" Does she "fetch" things for you like beverages, tools, etc.?
A: Well first off, I use "fetching" as an adjective, not a verb. "Fetching" means "charming, captivating." If you knew or ever met my wife, you'd concur.

Q: Do you and your wife have kids?
A: No. But we've only been married 15-1/2 years, so we don't want to rush into anything.

Q: Yeah, yeah, we get it. You go to church every Sunday at Emmanuel Christian Center. Why do you advertise that on Facebook?
A: It opens a door for me to possibly share my faith (I got you talkin' about church, didn't I?). My relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is by far the most important aspect of my life. That, and I check in via the Swarm app, so I need to accumulate the points.

Q: Why do you hate Wisconsin sports teams (particularly the Green Bay Packers) so much? Jealous?
A: Ummm, "hate" is a very strong word (not to mention inaccurate in this case). Truth be told, I find many members of the Packers to be cool dudes who seem to live exemplary lives off the field. No, my disdain is due in large part to the fact I have literally scores of relatives who are Wisconsin natives and are borderline obsessed with their sports teams. Nothing wrong with being a passionate fan, but my rellies occasionally need to be knocked down a peg or two when they strut around like they themselves have accomplished something when their clubs win. This idea that anyone assigns value to their lives based on how a sports team performs is at best silly and at worst utterly deranged.

Q: Uh huh. So tell me how many Super Bowl rings the Vi-Queens have?!?!?!
A: Same number of World Series rings as the Milwaukee Brewers. Why do you ask?

Q: You're a big Twins fan. How do you think they'll fare this season?
A: Right now I'd say 80-85 wins, with the high end number possibly being good enough to be a wildcard team.

Q: How's your relationship with your dad?
A: It consists of my calling him once per month to check in and find out if anything's new or exciting on his end. Typically there is not, but I nevertheless make the effort which I wasn't inclined to make 8-9 years ago.

Q: You're quite the political observer. What's the deal with a buffoon like Donald Trump leading the race for your party's nominee for President?
A. Remember the 2006 movie Idiocracy? The political climate we're in today lends credibility to the notion that the film was a documentary.


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