Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Little Lord Fauntleroy's collar not the only thing ruffled

If you've ever heard Little Lord Fauntleroy Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton speak, it's understandable why he rarely leaves the friendly confines of St. Paul. Heck, even when he stays in St. Paul, he can come off as irritable and erratic. One of the more infamous attempts to speak outside of the capitol city was about two years ago after he allowed the state government to shut down. Ready to the throw the Republican controlled legislature under the proverbial bus for the budget impasse, Dayton was met with feeble crowds on his demagoguery tour. Of those who actually showed up to the meet-and-greets, the general attitude amongst the folks was "Oh. Government is shut down???" The Governor then scurried back to St. Paul and agreed to the budget passed in the Legislature, thus ending the shutdown.

At a Monday gathering in Shakopee, Dayton once again came across as rather irritable. When defending a proposed 35% increase in legislator pay, Dayton emphasized that the average Minnesota family makes $54,000 per year. Therefore, an increase to $42,000 (up from $31,000) for legislators who work so very hard is not all that outlandish. Naturally, the audience wanted to point out to the Governor that legislators are not year round employees like the aforementioned families earning $54,000. Instead of granting that factual point, the thin-skinned Dayton shot back "I've been all over the state and I've never had people behave this rudely. You know, if you want to say something, just raise your hand and get a mic."

In the mind of a "progressive" like Dayton, government is the lifeblood of the community. Without overly involved government, a society can't survive. So when the citizenry challenges his assertions that government is the be all and end all of human existence, he becomes incredibly indignant. Why, how dare these peasants impede the master plan of implementing a dependent society.

The fact a man with that ideology with such an acerbic personality can somehow rise to the level of an executive branch of government is still utterly stupefying.


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