Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bringing a moose rifle to a knife fight

Let's face it: former Republican VP candidate and ex-Alaska governor Sarah Palin will never be a contender for elected office again. I don't consider that a bad thing from the standpoint that she's able to be unleashed against lefty lunacy.

Remember two years ago when Palin was essentially blamed for the mass shooting in Tucson, AZ? Apparently her putting a crosshair symbol on a map of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' Congressional District (a way of saying that Giffords' district was being targeted for a Republican electoral takeover) was the catalyst for gunman Jared Loughner to pop off several rounds into a crowd gathered to meet with Rep. Giffords. So indignant was the political left over Palin's "violence-provoking rhetoric" that there was an outcry for a "new tone." That is we should no longer be using metaphors like "targeting", "taking out that candidate", "in the crosshairs", etc. Of course, given how the political left is a perpetually angry lot, there's no way they would ever have the self-discipline to maintain that standard. Despite CNN's John King apologizing for a guest using "crosshair" as a metaphor within two weeks of the Tucson incident, the left and the media (PTR) have pretty much abandoned that effort while attempting to hold conservatives to that mantra.

Speaking of CNN, they recently announced that they're considering the resurrection of their old debate show Crossfire. In light of that news, Palin reminded the network of their finger-wagging over "violent rhetoric."

“I find it interesting that CNN recently disclosed that their old ‘Crossfire’ show might hit their airwaves again. Wasn’t CNN among those who issued blistering criticism about the use of a ‘crossfire’ icon in 2010 to represent political districts we wished to see represented by common-sense conservatives?”

Well, technically it was a crosshair icon, but the overall point is valid. After all, the term "crossfire" fits within the leftist interpretation of forbidden rhetoric.

How about the latest MSNBC ad, featuring one of the network's show hosts, Melissa Harris-Perry? Apparently she believes your kids don't belong totally to you, and thus we should embrace this collectivist notion that your kids are also our kids.

Once again, Palin responded as only she could:

The left found out the hard way what happens when they attempt to infringe upon the second amendment rights of U.S. citizens. I can't imagine what kind of lunacy runs through their collective noggins when they insinuate they should have a hand in raising others' kids.

At the risk of using a violent metaphor, I see the proverbial slaying of Palin by the leftists and media (again, PTR) equivalent to Darth Vader taking out Obi Wan Kenobi. As the two were battling it out, Kenobi said "You can't win, Darth. If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine." The point being is Palin likely wouldn't have the luxury of such candor if she held some sort of political office. Truth be told, I prefer her in her current role. 


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