Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Happy "Everybody Blog About Pigford" Day

In perhaps one of the more stunning cases of fraud involving taxpayer dollars, the "Pigford" scandal is finally getting long overdue coverage.

Of all the mainstream media outlets, the New York Times put forth an incredibly thorough piece on the corruption that took place in the US Dept of Agriculture. The 1999 class action lawsuit (Pigford v. Glickman) against the USDA alleged racial discrimination in its allocation of farm loans and assistance between 1983 and 1997. Initially, the Clinton administration agreed to $50,000 payouts to the plaintiffs in this class action suit.

Over the next several years, things spun out of control.

A series of fraudulent claims combined with complicity from the Obama administration, members of Congress and the USDA has led to approximately $4 billion in payouts to 90,000+ complainants (now covering multiple minority groups), many of whom never produced any documentation substantiating that they were in fact farmers or even attempted to farm.

Until literally his dying day, uber citizen journalist Andrew Bretibart was tireless in attempting to bring this story to the mainstream. However, because this could potentially put President Obama and the Congressional Black Caucus in an unflattering light, Breitbart was dismissed as a conspiratorial, racist wingnut.

A little more than two years ago, Andrew spoke about Pigford with my friend and former NARN colleague Ed Morrissey. The following two videos show Andrew giving his insights on what he had uncovered to that point. 

Now that Breitbart has seemingly been vindicated by the recent New York Times story, there is an opportunity to continue the momentum of this scandal receiving even more coverage. Breitbart contributor Lee Stranahan, who has also done yeoman's work in  researching this story, needs your help.

Did you see the blockbuster New York Times story that validated the long hard slog that Andrew Breitbart and I put in on the Pigford story?

Last Friday was a big day in the saga to get the truth out about what is the biggest, most underreported political scandal of the Obama administration; their funding of four different ‘farmers settlements’ to the tune of billions of dollars, with the money going to people who have never farmed a day in their life.

After spending months on the road covering the story, it’s time to help expose the Obama cover-up and vote buying scheme and hit the road again.

My goal is to raise $1600 to cover my travel expenses for this story and any amount you give helps.

In order to take the story to the next level, I need to travel to Washington D.C. and a couple of southern states. I’m going to get more great video interviews and do some activism that I believe will get the media’s attention.

I’m not going to lie; we’re up against big challenges. We’re taking on the corrupt, ruthless Obama administration including the President and Eric Holder. We’re up against trial lawyers who are taking in over $100 million. We’re fighting an indifferent media.

But the tide has turned.

The New York Times story shows the tide is turning. Even the left media has been forced to acknowledge fraud in the farmer settlements. The time is NOW to push the story forward.

Please chip in if you can and thanks for everything you do.

Click here to donate.

For more information on "Everybody Blog About Pigford Day", check out Stranahan's post on the subject.


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