Saturday, May 18, 2013

Today at the Capitol

I will be going to the Minnesota State Capitol today to show my support for in-home childcare providers as well as Personal Care Assistants.

Hopefully many Minnesotans know by now that the MN Democrats are attempting to pass legislation to reimburse unions for their generous campaign donations force the aforementioned small business owners to unionize. It has already passed the Senate, so the House will be taking up the matter on today.

Here is the general information from the event listing on Facebook:

Saturday at 11:00am until Sunday at 2:00am

Most of the day and into the night, debate is expected on the House floor on the childcare and PCA unionization bill. T-Shirts (white with red print), buttons, stickers and sign-making materials will be on hand for protestors who oppose the unionization of small business owners.

Session start time is not yet determined, but it's likely going to go on all day. We'll post the exact start of session time when it's announced.

We expect people will be coming and going. Even if you only have an hour or two to spare, please come show your opposition to this monstrous, underhanded money-grab racket.
My wife and I do not operate an in-home daycare business nor do we utilize one. However, mandating independent business owners join a union (and thus fork over union dues) flies directly in the face of "freedom of association." That is a principle for which we should all fight, regardless of the endeavor.

I plan on arriving right at 11:00!


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