Saturday, January 26, 2013

March for Life

Earlier this week, Americans recognized (whether by celebrating or mourning) the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the landmark case which made abortions legal in this country. On Friday, thousands marched along the National Mall in Washington, D.C. to protest abortion, but you wouldn't know that if you still watch any of the three major news networks.

In the past forty years, due to that horrific procedure being legal, it has been estimated that 55 million babies were not given a chance at life . That number is positively staggering on its face, but let's add even more perspective. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial, located in Washington, D.C., is a total of 493.5 feet long and contains 58,272 names of soldiers who were killed or are considered MIA due to the Vietnam war. Now imagine a similar memorial constructed to honor the millions of children who were victims of abortion. If each of those 55 million babies who is given a name, their "wall" would be about 456,790 feet long, or EIGHTY EIGHT MILES. Extrapolating further, say the construction of such a wall began at the intersection of Hwy. 94 and I-35W in Minneapolis. If that wall started there and stretched eastbound, it would end near Eau Claire, WI. Hard to fathom.

I don't know about you, but I often think of the potential greatness that was contained in the human beings who were never given a chance to grace us with their presence in the world. There could have been a future researcher who discovered a cure for cancer. Or perhaps another individual who could have the impact that, say, a Billy Graham has had when delivering the Word of God around the world. It is because of these possibilities that many (myself and my wife included) will never rest when it comes to advocating for the unborn.



Gino said...

and for every Billy Graham, there are two or three potential schoolyard shooters, if you wanna play the proportion game.

but its bigger than Billy... its shows a lack of respect for humanity itself.
the same lack of respect that allows somebody who has favored 4th trimester abortions to rise to the presidency.

this nation will fall, sooner than later.
and that will be a justice.

Brad Carlson said...

and for every Billy Graham, there are two or three potential schoolyard shooters, if you wanna play the proportion game

That's assuming that some humans are predisposed to having violent tendencies. I would argue that a culture which doesn't hold sacred the lives of the unborn fosters an environment of disrespecting life altogether, ergo contributing to one evolving into a "schoolyard shooter."

That's not to say outlawing abortion would completely do away with such violent human tendencies. However, I believe it would very well lessen the likelihood of such mass shootings.