Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Cliff notes

There's not a lot I can say on the "Fiscal Cliff" vote that's any more original or insightful than what others have said already.

However, what was utterly predictable was how many of my fellow conservatives ended up pig piling on the 85 House Republicans who voted for a package which essentially raises spending approximately $41 for every $1 in cuts. Now I am not saying that outrage is unjustified. Heck, I fully endorse your privilege to put up a primary challenger in the next election cycle for any of the GOP members who voted yes.

But let's remember a couple of key aspects:

- If you're going to throw your weight behind a GOP primary challenger, be sure it's someone who actually has a fighting chance in a general election. It's utterly useless to play this "we'll teach these RINOs a lesson" game and then do nothing beyond the primaries/endorsement process.

- The "Tea Party" Republicans stood their ground and voted "no" on the package, staying consistent with their "no tax increases" pledge. They might be some good resources on how to accomplish winning in a general.

I'm not certain that our country can be saved from total insolvency. But if by some minor miracle American can be redeemed, it sure as heck wasn't going to happen over a mere two election cycles.


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Mr. D said...

No kidding. Primarying someone and then walking away from it afterward doesn't solve anything.