Thursday, January 17, 2013

Gunning for our freedoms

As expected, President Barack Obama issued Executive Orders (23 to be precise) in an effort to curb gun violence. Never mind that none of these measures would have prevented the high profile shootings in Tucson, Aurora or Newtown had they been in place for the past 2+ years. As long as the President can give the aura of being Presidential (and with children present during the signing ceremony no less) and not waste a good crisis, he's good to go. I wonder if Mr. Obama handed each kid present at the ceremony a bill for $50,000 to cover their share of the National Debt?

But I digress.

Oh, and does anyone recall supporters of a certain cult-like movement (*koff koff* Paulbots *koff*) who indignantly proclaimed that Romney=Obama? Last spring, Mitt Romney made the following comments at a campaign stop in St Louis: “If we are going to safeguard our 2nd Amendment, it is time to elect a president who will defend the rights President Obama ignores or minimizes. I will.” Whoops.

Finally, I thought a friend of mine best encapsulated this fight with the following tweet:

So: if a republican President restricts abortion “rights” via executive order(s) in the future, my liberal tweeps will be good w/ it. Right?
You would hope so. After all, a hell of a lot more children are killed via abortion then all the U.S. mass shootings combined.


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