Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Total Recall

Today the voters in Wisconsin finally get to decide whether or not Governor Scott Walker should be able to keep his job, a mere year-and-a-half into his term.

While I am beyond hopeful that Walker will get to serve out his full term, I will be grateful when this whole disgusting saga is over, win or lose. The tactics employed by several members of Wisconsin public employee unions and certain fleebaggers Democrat legislators has been nothing short of totalitarian. It's been almost laughable to see the lefty spin machine try to demean the elimination of significant budget shortfalls (not to mention the saving of several educators' jobs) brought about by Governor Walker's reforms. As a friend of mine said via Twitter recently, the Democrat position on the recall has been little more than "give unions their cushy sh-t back!"

As of late Sunday evening, according to Public Policy Polling, Walker was clinging to a slim 3-point lead (50-47) over Democrat challenger (and Milwaukee mayor) Tom Barrett. Given that PPP is the poll endorsed by the far left Daily Kos, that is a very good sign for Walker. Alas, the Governor's supporters are taking absolutely nothing for granted, as GOTV calls will continue into this evening.

Let's just say I'm very cautiously optimistic.


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