Friday, June 22, 2012

Box Score of the Week

The Chicago White Sox traveled to the Bronx to take on the Yankees in August 1985.


In the bottom of the seventh inning of this game, the Yankees had Bobby Meacham on second base, Dale Berra on first, no outs, scored tied at 3 and Rickey Henderson at the plate. 

Henderson hit a drive to center field which was just out of the reach of leaping White Sox CF Luis Salazar. Thinking the ball might be caught, Meacham was tagging second base looking to advance to third. However, Berra was running from first on contact, so he happened to be right near second base as Meacham was tagging. 

Both runners started heading for third base where coach Gene Michael was frantically waving Meacham around. However, Berra was close behind and thought the "go" sign was also for him. By this time, Salazar retrieved the ball and threw to SS Ozzie Guillen in short center field who in turn relayed the ball to catcher Carlton Fisk. The throw beat Meacham to the plate and he was subsequently tagged out by Fisk as he attempted to dive head first into home. Fisk recovered from tagging out Meacham and regained his balance long enough to tag out Berra, who also came charging into home.

Still one of the more bizarre double plays I've ever seen.


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