Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Waiting for the other shoe

Upon the suspension of his campaign for the GOP Presidential nomination, Herman Cain had many speculating as to who among the remaining candidates he will support. In fact, there were reports surfacing Monday morning that Cain was all set to endorse Newt Gingrich. Obviously that never happened and likely will not happen in the immediate future, according to Cain himself.

It's been pretty apparent in all of the debate forums that Cain and Gingrich have a mutual admiration for each other. The two even engaged in a very civil one-on-one debate last month. But on top of all that, according to polls taken a little more than a week ago, Gingrich's favorability rating amongst Cain supporters is incredibly high. That is very surprising when you consider that Cain is the antithesis of a Washington insider and that his appeal was largely built upon his being a Beltway outsider with a strong business background. So it's rather curious to me how Cain's supporters would be so willing to then flip a switch and support a candidate like Gingrich, who has been inside the Beltway in some way, shape or form for over thirty years.

I guess it's possible that Cain could upset applecart and endorse someone else. I know he has a very strong ally in Michele Bachmann when it comes to repealing Obamacare and he shares a solid business acumen with Mitt Romney. Given what Cain said a few months ago, the only thing we can say with certitude is that he will not be giving the nod to Rick Perry.


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